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曼哈頓華埠在新冠 肺炎疫情下,為全市重創最嚴重的社區,由華埠商業改進區舉辦,以正能量的話來鼓勵社區的「紐約暖心計畫」(Warm Hearts NYC),從即日起至3月4日(周四)舉行,民眾只要在中文或英文25字以內,想出有創意又富含正能量的短句,就有機會獲得100元禮品卡。
Business Updates/Assistance
Indoor Dining capacity may increase to 35% beginning on 2/26.
Learn more in Governor Cuomo’s press conference here.

For two weeks starting 2/24, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is only accepting applications from businesses with fewer than 20 employees. This is an effort to make sure federal funds are reserved for sole-proprietors and small employers.

Need help finding a PPP lender? Check out our list of Community Development Financial Institutions accepting applications

Want to learn more about PPP before you apply? Visit nyc.gov/ppp to learn about Fair Share NYC, our assistance program offering 1-on-1 support, webinars, and more to help you apply.  

Join Ritual ONE through New York’s Empire State Digital Initiative
No set up fees. No commissions. An online ordering platform to enable contactless pickup and delivery orders for your customers. More Info

Uber Eats – Restaurant Grant Program (Due 2/28)
The Restaurant Grant Program offers grants of $5,000 to Uber Eats or Postmates restaurant partners to help meet their most immediate needs. More Info

Anti-Asian Violence/Harassment
There has been a significant, troubling increase in anti-Asian hate crimes and bias incidents. The NYC Commission on Human Rights, the Mayor's Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes, the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit (CAU), and the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs are coordinating closely to educate the public about their rights and protections in light of COVID-19-related stigma and hate crimes.

Asian and Pacific Islander New Yorkers are New Yorkers: You have a right to live free from discrimination. If you have experienced or witnessed an act of anti-Asian discrimination, call the NYC Human Rights Commission at 212-416-0197.


亞裔和太平洋島裔紐約人就是紐約人。 如果您經歷或目睹了反亞洲歧視行為,請致電212-416-0197與委員會聯繫。
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Important Health Info
  • COVID Alert NY - Voluntary, anonymous, exposure-notification smartphone app. You will get an alert if you were in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19. 自願,匿名,曝光通知智能手機應用程序。 如果您與檢測COVID-19呈陽性的人密切聯繫,則會收到警報。More Info

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Finder / COVID-19疫苗查找器 - One-stop site for New Yorkers to find their nearest COVID-19 vaccination location. The Vaccine Finder can also provide New Yorkers with information to schedule vaccination appointments. 紐約人可以找到他們最近的COVID-19疫苗接種地點的一站式站點。 疫苗查找器還可以向紐約人提供信息以安排疫苗接種約會。More Info

  • COVID-19 Testing Sites / COVID-19 测试站点 - Walk-in testing is available at no cost to you at these NYC Health + Hospitals locations. 您可以在这些纽约市健康与医院机构免费进行步入式测试。More Info