ExploreChinatown Newsletter (10/10/19)
Chinatown & New York City Mourns

The Oct. 7 vigil and rally took place at Chinatown’s Chatham Square, just steps away from where four homeless men were brutally bludgeoned to death while sleeping on the streets early on Oct. 5. “I just want to address how horrific and tragic this incident is,” said Assembly Member Yuh-Line Niou, who hosted the event.

四名無家可歸者於近期在華埠慘遭殺害的血案令全市嘩然。包括陳倩雯在內的多位民選官員及社區機構代表於8日晚在華埠舉行祈禱會,在悼念逝去的四位受害者的 同時,呼籲政府採取有效措施,以解決因住房危機所帶來的一系列嚴重社會問題。

逾百位各族裔民眾參加了於華埠且林士果廣場(Kimlau Square)舉行的祈禱會。眾多神情嚴肅的各族裔民眾手舉鮮花,並點燃蠟燭,以紀念在慘案中逝去的四條無辜的生命。祈禱會上,不時有民眾因對四位死者的 悲慘遭遇感到難過而流淚啜泣。

Uncle Kwok, whose given name was Chuen Kwok, was bludgeoned to death on Saturday as he slept in the familiar alcove where he had sought a degree of security. He was among four homeless men beaten to death with a three-foot, 15-pound metal bar in attacks that took place just after 1:30 a.m. on a chilly night.
慘死華裔遊民郭全追悼會 眾友人自發參加淚憶生平

曼哈頓華埠於近期發生的恐怖血案牽動著華社民眾的心。在7日上午由多位民選官員及社區機構代表於華埠為死者舉行的追悼會上,眾多熟識83歲華裔死者郭全 (Chuen kok,音譯)的民眾自發前來,紀念他們口中這位友善的華裔老人。
Mental Health Resource Session

Thurs, Oct 10, 2019 | 1:30pm to 4:30pm
49 Madison Street, Manhattan

ThriveNYC will be at the Chinatown Partnership satellite today office to provide one-on-one private consultations. No appointments necessary. Please stop by to talk and obtain information.
This Saturday: E-Waste Collection on Rutgers St

紀念華裔士兵陳宇暉離世八周年活動,2日在華埠「陳宇暉路」(Private Danny Chen Way)舉行,40多名華埠公立第130小學五年級學生與紀念隊伍從學校走到「陳宇暉路」,唱響紀念歌曲,呼籲拋下仇恨和歧視,珍愛和平。


MOCA's new initiatives are: 1) a new "Pay What You Wish" admissions policy for residents of Manhattan's Chinatown and Two Bridges neighborhoods; 2) a new Space Grant program in which meeting space in MOCA will be provided complimentary for eligible community non-profit groups based in or serving Manhattan's Chinatown and Two Bridges neighborhoods; and 3) the introduction of Free First Sundays in which museum admission will be free the first Sunday of every month to family association members of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of New York (CCBA-NY).


Join Lillian Li in conversation with Serena Dai, Editor of Eater NY, for a conversation about Chinese American restaurants as sites of generational and cultural changes, the restaurant industry as a creative space both on and off the page, and Lillian’s process writing Number One Chinese Restaurant.


MOCAKIDS Storytime is a lively, bilingual 30-minute combination of fun activities and language exploration designed to enhance your young child’s word skills and vocabulary. Best for ages 3-6, younger and older siblings welcome. Storytime is held every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 4pm.
快来参加美国华人博物馆在每月第二及第四个星期四下午4:00举办的说故事,动手指唱歌谣双语活动。通过参与互动游戏,唱歌谣,及动手做工艺品,我们将在 这30分钟内提升孩子的阅读能力并同他们一起发现学习中文的乐趣。本活动是针对3-6岁的孩子而设计的, 但欢迎任何年龄的小孩报名参加。无论中文是您的母语还是您希望从现在开始了解一门新的语言,我们都十分期待您的参与。


If the "Oriental" detective Charlie Chan seen in Twentieth-Century Fox films of the 1930s and 1940s was such a cliched stereotype, why did so many Asian Americans seem to enjoy the films? Why was Werner Oland, the swedish actor who is best known for playing the character, celebrated as a "native son" when he visited China in the 1930s? The public reception and understanding of these films has often been as complicated as the murder mysteries they portray. This presentation offers an explanation for the films' reception, as well as an attempt to explain why the genre itself seemed to need a character like Charlie Chan. What emerges is a vision of the films in which race and ethnicity themselves become things to be strategically "parroted" rather than inhabited as essential categories.

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