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Support 70 Mulberry Street
With the Lunar New Year starting tomorrow, we urge everyone to please show your support to the organizations affected by the fire late last night at 70 Mulberry Street.

Nearly a dozen people were hurt, most of them firefighters with minor injuries, after raging flames broke out at a historic building in Chinatown that has been home to a senior center and other nonprofits for decades.
位於曼哈頓華埠茂比利街(Mulberry St)70號的大樓四層和五層,23日晚8時40分突發三級大火,大批消防車和市警五分局警員立即趕到,經過兩個多小時雲梯滅火才控制火情,並徹夜進行樓內餘火清除工作,直至24日清晨仍有數量消防車駐紮,且周仍濃煙密佈,但起火原因仍在調查中。
Celebrate Lunar New Year (Jan 25, 2020)
Come and celebrate the start of the Lunar New Year
together with friends and family in Chinatown!

2020 is the year of the Metal Rat, starting from January 25 th , 2020 to February 11 th , 2021. The Year of the Rat is the first zodiac sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Rats are quick-witted, resourceful, and smart but lack courage. With rich imaginations and sharp observations, they can take advantage of various opportunities well. In Chinese culture, rats represent working diligently and thriftiness, so people born in a Rat year are thought to be wealthy and prosperous.

Things To Do

11am to 3:30pm @ SDR Park, Grand Street
Note: If you can't make it out to the ceremony, it will be streamed online by abc7NY .

Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Lunar New Year Celebration
12pm to 2pm @ 62 Mott Street, Auditorium

Lion dances will take place around the neighborhood in the afternoon, beginning from 12pm to 5pm, concentrated on both Mott Street and Elizabeth Street (below Grand Street)


Chinatown District Management Association Annual Meeting (1/23/20)
華埠商改區年度會議 促地威臣街改名聯合街
華埠商業改進區(Chinatown BID)23日舉行年度會議,回望過去一年商改區在華埠環境、經濟、文化等方面做出的努力和成果,並展望2020年工作議程,將華埠安寧作為發展目標,也呼籲民眾連署,將事故多發地地威臣街(Division St.)重新命名為聯合街(Unity St.),期盼華埠的和平與繁榮。

At a press conference heralding his decision to legalize e-bikes and e-scooters with a bill in the 2021 budget, Governor Andrew Cuomo said he would ask the state legislature to pass it as soon as possible before the April 1st budget deadline, in order to prevent more immigrant delivery workers from having their e-bikes confiscated in Mayor Bill de Blasio's crackdown.


he New York City Council passed a bill Thursday that will slap hefty fines on businesses and restaurants that refuse to accept cash. The bill imposes civil penalties: $1,000 for the first violation, and $1,500 for additional violations. Businesses that have a way to convert cash into cards -- say, laundromats -- are exempt, but they must not impose a fee for the cards or require a minimum deposit more than $1, and the cards cannot expire.

The Health Department is working with local, state, and federal partners in response to an outbreak in China caused by a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began screening passengers arriving from Wuhan, China on Friday (January 17) at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), as well at San Francisco (SFO) and Los Angeles (LAX) airports.

紐約市衛生局正在與地方、州和聯邦機構夥伴合作,應對在中國爆發的新型冠狀病毒 (2019-nCoV) 感染疫情。美國疾病控制與預防中心 (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC) 已從週五(1月17日)起,在紐約的約翰·F·肯尼迪國際機場 (JFK) 以及舊金山機場 (SFO) 和洛杉磯機場 (LAX) 對來自中國武漢的旅客進行健康篩查

We’ll start with the OG, Manhattan’s Chinatown. This tightly-packed yet expansive Chinatown dates back to the late 1800s and is mix of both traditional Chinese fare and more contemporary, experimental options. One of the most diverse Chinese enclaves in the United States, Manhattan’s Chinatown offers food lovers with some of the most authentic and delicious eats anywhere in the city.

Manhattan Community Board 3 is seeking a research consultant to complete a new position paper detailing the need for construction of a new public school building at Essex Crossing, a 1.65 million square-foot development on the Lower East Side of Manhattan within Manhattan Community District 3 (CD 3). This paper will be used by the board to advocate for construction of the new school building.

Meet and talk with author Abigail Hing Wen about her debut novel  Loveboat, Taipei . This young adult novel is a Crazy Rich Asians meets Jane Austen Comedy of Manners. It debuted this month on the New York Times best sellers list and is the story of a young dancer whose strict parents send her to Taipei to learn Mandarin for the summer, and she has the time of her life instead.

The session will include a panel featuring small business lenders who will highlight what they look for when evaluating a loan application, their typical loan terms, and the documents needed to apply. Before and after the panel, attendees will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with lenders to assess the source of capital that is best suited for your business needs.

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