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12月6日14:00 - 16:00 EST

Part of Manhattan DA Chinatown Worskhop Series
For more info, please call 212-338-9266.

Session 1: Thursday, November 2, 6:30-8:30PM
Session 2: Thursday, November 9, 6:30-8:30PM
Session 3: Thursday, November 16, 6:30-8:30PM 
                           Speaker: Ben Wang
Eileen Chang (张爱玲) is the most celebrated writer of 20th century China. In this three-session lecture series, China Institute Senior Lecturer Ben Wang delves into Traces of Love (留情), one of Chang's finest novellas, in which she transforms her characters and their unsavory manners into a poignant and memorable literary masterwork. 

A Deal
Nov 15 to Dec 10, 2017
By Zhu Yi | Directed by John Giampietro

A DEAL is a dark comedy that features a Chinese family's home buying journey in New York in winter 2015, a time of increased real estate property ownership by overseas Chinese and a sharp decline in the value of the RMB against the US dollar. It reveals the ideological conflicts between the East and the West in contemporary society by tracking a little stream of the global cash flow. 

By Kenneth Chan

Vancouver City Council has unanimously approved a plan that will direct staff to initiate a process to pursue a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation for Vancouver's Chinatown district.
The desire for the prestigious designation is one of the approved steps outlined in a reconciliation report that addresses the discrimination experienced by early Chinese Canadians in Vancouver.


Srisakul's battle against fire started just after 9/11 when a friend invited her to an orientation. Little did the former art student know that it would be her career in the years to come.
"They didn't all look like Chyna the wrestler," she told Glamour, recalling the female firefighters who staffed her training. "There were fat women, short women, skinny women. I realized, if they can do it, they're no different than me."

Chen Lieh Tang's father, "Shorty" Tang, was born in the Sichuan province of China in 1922. He learned to cook at the age of 12 after running away from home and stopping at a restaurant because he was hungry, his son said. He worked there for eight years.
Japan, at the time, had already invaded China, which was enveloped in its own internal unrest that pitted Communist against Nationalist. Facing defeat from Mao Zedong in the Chinese Civil War, Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek evacuated 2.5 million Chinese to Taiwan by 1949.

By 陈辰

纽约客过街闯红灯、手机客步行途中只看手机不看路、街头车辆时速超过25英里以上的种种交通违章再加上繁忙且复杂的城市交通,时常造成一出出惊心的车祸。28日上午8时,在位于坚尼路与包厘街交界处的曼哈顿大桥下桥处,市警五分局警员与交通局安全宣导人员一起穿上荧光马甲向过往车辆派发交通安全须知传单。根据活动负责人介绍,在节日季到来之际,为保证民众的出行安全,市警总局联手市交通局推出 "零死亡愿景"交通安全宣传活动,走进多个社区为民众进行宣传与讲解。


Perhaps the most memorable and affecting moment during "Sit, Eat, Chew," choreographer Mei-Yin Ng's recent dance tour-meets-oral history project in Manhattan's Chinatown, took place in a hair salon at 189 Centre Street.
There, a young woman draped in white moved from table to mirror to chair, telling the story of Bow Kum, a Chinese immigrant from the 1880s - from being bought from China as a bride in San Francisco, to being rescued by missionaries, to remarrying and relocating to New York City, then being tracked down by her first husband, who demanded compensation and then stabbed and maimed her when her new husband refused.


Fay Chiang, whose quest to understand her identity as a child of Chinese immigrants found outlets in vivid poetry and in community activism that helped elevate Asian-American education and culture, died on Oct. 20 in a hospice in the Bronx. She was 65.
Her daughter Xian Chiang-Waren said the cause was complications of cancer. She had lived in Manhattan, in the East Village, until the cancer spread to her brain.

BlackBook Exclusive: 'Miyazaki Wagyu Ochazuke' Recipe From NYC's Chikarashi

Does poke bowl mania know no bounds? Perhaps not. But surely some are much better at it than others. To wit, Chikarashi, which opened on Canal Street this past spring to much acclaim; indeed, Grubstreet called it, "the best poke bowl in New York." Now they've opened a new location in ever so trendy NoMad (which, to be honest, could use a few more notable restaurants) - where you can expect the same level of freshness and creativity.

By 陳小寧


Here Are the Lower East Side Restaurants on the 2018 Michelin Bib Gourmand List

The Michelin Guide is out with its selective listing of affordable restaurants, and several Lower East Side/Chinatown spots made the cut. The Bib Gourmand designations are reserved for restaurants where you can enjoy two courses plus dessert and a glass of wine for $40.

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Oct - 23, @nycsmallbiz Protect Your Business, Risk Assessment & Grant Info Session

Chinatown's Ghost Scam

Wang Jing was so ashamed of what had happened to her that, for the first hour of our conversation, in June, at the Brooklyn District Attorney's office, she made no eye contact, as if doing so would break some spell and prevent her from finishing her story. She spoke haltingly in Mandarin, the only language we shared; she'd have been more comfortable in Cantonese or Taishanese, the dialect of the small city in Guangdong Province on whose rural outskirts she was born. But, more than that, she seemed unused to being listened to in any language.

By 金春香

曼哈頓華埠和小義大利21日熱鬧非凡,上千人參加第九屆馬可波羅嘉年華(Marco Polo Festival),慶祝華裔與義大利裔民族百年融洽相處,兩種文化相互交融、共同發揚光大。作為馬可波羅走絲綢之路途中重要一站的蒙古,也專門設有蒙古包,由身著傳統服飾的女孩說明民族文化,吸引民眾駐足。


Governor Eric Greitens made a big futuristic splash yesterday when his office announced that a hypothetical Hyperloop would be included in the state of Missouri's bid for Amazon's second headquarters.

The proposal suggests that a big tube connecting St. Louis to Kansas City will surely convince Jeff Bezos and Co. that the Show Me State is the place for them. The tube would use magnets, somehow, to blast passengers at top speed from one side of the state to the other in about 30 minutes time.

Oct -20-17 

Uncle Sam is inviting Downtown residents to a 9/11 health fair called "Research to Care" at NYU Langone Medical Center tomorrow, where locals can quiz doctors and researchers about medical conditions related to the terrorist attacks, according to Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou (D-Downtown).

Oct -20-17 

The new frontier of Chinatown dim sum may be a more premium version. Open earlier this year at 68 Mott Street, Dim Sum VIP is offering an innovative and slightly upscale product, charging a dollar or two more per plate than usual.

Oct -19-17 
By  Abe Selby

In the back corner of a vacant shop, straddling Chinatown and Tribeca, a Chinese family of six gathered for a modest meal of rice and fried bitter melon. They took their seats and were beckoned by the only son to start eating. It was a typical Chinese dinner. Relatives sat quietly clutching their dainty rice bowls. From time to time they craned forward, with nimble chopsticks, to seize pieces of melon. Nothing was out of the ordinary as they alternated chewing and chatting. Nothing was off, except for the perimeter of onlookers watching intently as each new mouthful was drawn.

Oct -19-17 

It is a fact of history that the most decorated unit in American warfare was composed of Asian Americans. They are the Nisei - second-generation Japanese American - soldiers of the 100th Battalion and the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

Oct -19-17 

Mayor Bill de Blasio shifted tactics Thursday in his crackdown on motorized bicycles, saying the city will sic the cops on business owners rather than their delivery workers.

On Jan. 1 the NYPD will kick off an "enforcement blitz" against electronic bikes, or e-bikes, which New Yorkers can legally own but not use on city streets. The police will impound the battery-powered vehicles and issue civil summonses. But instead "the poor schmuck delivery guy" getting fined, cops will ticket their employer, de Blasio said.

Small businesses are the backbone of Chinatown. There are over 2,000 small businesses in Chinatown alone. We sure can pack it in - everywhere from the ground floor, upper floors, alleys and basements. It's the entrepreneurial spirit that built this town and continues to run deep today. While we shop #ShopSmall everyday, we are proud to celebrate #SmallBizSat on November 25. 

Chinatown small business owners - join in on the fun and get your welcome packet if you'd like some promotional swag for your business (signage, promo goodies). Drop us a note and we'll deliver a bag to your business.


Char House is coming. 43 Mott Street 
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Our friends @uniqulee_nyc just refreshed their one-of-kind curated gifts from around the world. Check em out @ 36 Mott St 
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Kicking off #marcopolo #festival with lion dance by #chinesefreemasons

Let the celebration begin! 
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