Chinatown Partnership Walking Tour of New and Improved Chinatown

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You are invited for a walking tour of the new and improved Chinatown February 16-17, 2007

Contact: Joan Grangenois-Thomas, 914-833-7093,

Year of the Pig Brings Clean Streets to New York City's Chinatown

Project of the Chinatown Partnership Offers Positive Results


New York -- Revelers at this year's Chinese New Year celebration of the Year of the Pig might notice some subtle, yet remarkable differences in the area. Gone is graffiti from fire hydrants, mail boxes and lamp posts; store fronts and sidewalks have been power washed. Although, on February 18th the 30 yellow-clad workers hired to clean and spruce up the area will have that day off since Chinese tradition forbids using a broom or picking up garbage on the day of Chinese New Year, bright and early on the day after all the revelry the industrious workers will be out cleaning up the debris from all the festivities. The effort is all part of Clean Streets, a signature program of the Chinatown Partnership.

So far over two million pounds of litter have been collected by workers over the past four months, bringing the first successful and sustained beautification effort to this area - and Chinatown - back to life.

Each day, every block is cleaned - that's right - each day, every block is cleaned. Highly trafficked areas may be cleaned twice or even three times a day. It is this dedicated maintenance of the area, approximately one mile by two miles, which has resulted in such success.

"Clean Streets has created a completely different environment here in Chinatown and we want everyone to come see for themselves," said Wellington Chen, Executive Director of the Chinatown Partnership.

Residents and business owners agree. "I've been living and working here in Chinatown all my life. I am delighted when I walk out of my shop and look up and down the street in either direction," said Andy Liu, owner of Fu Quiang Enterprise Inc., a gift shop on the corner of Mott and Pell. "We still have all the unique sounds, activities and aromas you would expect - it's just so much cleaner and inviting now to work here and we hope visitors will agree."

Photos that starkly contrast conditions before and after the inception of the Clean Streets program can be found at the Chinatown Partnership website,

Month-by-month statistics are provided below.

Chinatown Partnership

Clean Streets Project Results (October 2006 - January 2007)


OCT 2006 

NOV 2006 

DEC 2006 

JAN 2007


Trash Collected (estimate in lbs.)503,075478,175613,650430,825  2,025,725
Ambassador Outreach1999679497282,843
Lamp Posts Painted8437622345728
Alarm Boxes Painted02915347
Fire Hydrants Painted0146951242
Mail Boxes Painted871509111
Fire Hydrants Painted0146951242
Pedestrian Cross lines Painted0007070

A walking tour of the area with a representative of the Chinatown Partnership can be arranged by contacting Joan Grangenois-Thomas at 914-833-7093 or

The Chinatown Partnership was established in 2005 to rebuild and improve Chinatown in the aftermath of 9/11. It works in partnership with residents, businesses, civic groups and nonprofit organizations to make Chinatown a stronger center of commerce, culture and tourism. For more information visit the organization's website at .

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