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ExploreChinatown Newsletter (3/12/19)
Promotion from Your Neighbors
(Feb-Apr 2019 Edition)

Check out the latest Promotions from Your Neighbors deals currently available for pick-up at our info kiosk at 101 Baxter St, or office at 217 Park Row, Suite 9. Local businesses invite you to explore, shop and dine at select stores with endorsed special offers!

  • Sun Hing Da
  • GTW Tea & Water
  • Grand Tea & Imports
  • GC Egg Rolls House
  • Stax Ice Cream
  • Da Shop Chinatown
  • Artistic Creation Hair Salon
  • Wai Beauty Salon
  • 12 Pell Street
  • Sang Sang Jewelry Inc.
  • Meihua Jewelry Inc.
  • Amano Sushi
  • Dum Sum VIP
  • My Noodle Station
  • Let's Makan
  • Dim Sum Go Go
  • 95 Fusion Tearoom & Kitchen
  • Color Me Mine Tribeca
  • Melissa's Creation
  • Chinatown Day Care Center
  • Sasa Cosmetic & Skin Care
  • Spa for Life

Unless otherwise stated, all offers are valid until April 30, 2019, or at the discretion of participating businesses. Chinatown Partnership and Chinatown Business Improvement District are not liable for any offers that are not fulfilled or satisfied by participating businesses. Participating businesses reserve the right to modify or discontinue offers at any time without prior notice.

為促進華埠小商業的發展,華埠共同發展機構和華埠商業改進區推出「左鄰右里益街坊」(Promotions from Your Neighbors)2月至4月的優惠券,共有24戶商家提供折扣。民眾可以免費領取此券,以優惠的價格在華埠吃喝玩樂。

「參 與此次活動的商家有餐飲、美容美甲、服裝、日托班、珠寶首飾、婚禮派對佈置服務等,滿足各種消費者的需求。」華埠共同發展機構和華埠商業改進區的行政總監 陳作舟說。這項活動已經連續舉辦三年,每年推行三次優惠券,每次都受到華埠商家和民眾的歡迎。「推出這項活動的主要目的是推廣華埠的小商業。」他說,「很 多居民在華埠住了很久,總是去固定的商家消費,而根本不知道一些商店的存在,實在可惜。派發優惠券可以鼓勵民眾嘗試新事物,並積極探索社區。」
Upcoming Workshops & Events
How to Respond to Summonses From NYC Enforcement Agencies
3/14/19, 6pm
49 Madison Street

This event is part of OATH's Access Program. The Administrative Law Court's Community Education Services Program Seeks to Connect Residents with Information From OATH, The City Court Responsible for Hearings on City-Issued Summonses.

Presented by Fidel F. Del Valle (NYC OATH), Margaret S. Chin (NYC Councilmember, District 1) & Gale A. Brewer (Manhattan Borough President)

紐約市行政審理和聽證辦公室(OATH)將於14日(周四)與市議員陳倩雯辦公室及曼哈頓區長高步邇(Gale Brewer)辦公室共同舉辦講座,為收到紐約市執法機構傳票(summons)的小商家普及相關法規,活動現場會有普通話和粵語翻譯。
E-Waste Collection at Chatham Square
3/30/19, 10am to 4pm
Chatham Square (Kimlau Square)

Avoid a fine: It’s now illegal to discard electronics in the trash!

Working & non-working computers, monitors, printers/scanners, keyboards, mice, cables, TVs, VCRs & DVD players, phones, audio/visual equipment, cell phones & PDA’s

Hosted by Lower East Side Ecology Center

Co-hosted by Councilmember Magaret Chin, Chinatown Partnership & Chinatown BID
New Business Organics Rules Enforcement

As of February 15, 2019, the NYC Department of Sanitation will begin issuing summonses to the following businesses not separating their organic waste:
  • Food service establishments with a floor area of at least 15,000 square feet
  • Food service establishments that are part of a chain of 100 or more locations in NYC
  • Retail food stores with a floor area of at least 25,000 square feet
Since July 19, 2016, the following businesses have been required to separate organic waste:

  • Food service establishments in hotels with 150 or more rooms
  • Arenas and stadiums with a seating capacity of at least 15,000 people
  • Food manufacturers with a floor area of at least 25,000 square feet
  • Food wholesalers with a floor area of at least 20,000 square feet
To learn more about business organics requirements, visit nyc.gov/businessorganics

All businesses must recycle metal, glass jars and bottles, rigid plastic, clean paper and cardboard. Learn more at nyc.gov/businessrecycling

For business resources such as sample signs, free trainings and webinars, see nyc.gov/dsnybusinessresources

市人口普查總監曼寧(Julie Menin),7日在紐約市立大學新聞研究所舉辦的座談會上,分析2020年人口普查對紐約市的影響;她說,上次人口普查紐約市民參與率低於全國平均水平,華裔社區參與率超過六成,與全市平均水平相當。

正 值報稅季,「冒充國稅局(IRS)給民眾打電話,謊稱民眾欠稅」的電話詐騙仍在皇后區頻發,上月僅在北皇后區的八個市警分局轄區,就有20人上當,其中一 半的受害人為亞裔;20起案件被騙走的總額接近19萬元,損失最多的一名受害人給了騙子近8萬元。警方表示,報稅季期間冒充政府人員行騙的案件上升,國稅 局會先向需要補稅的民眾郵寄信件,絕不會直接打電話,提醒民眾注意防範。


交通局從去年8月公布方案,根據各地段的交通狀況,提高全市約8萬5000個咪表停車收費,從9月4日起率先在布碌崙實施,至12月3日五區內停車費全部 上漲,一般車輛停車費上漲至每小時1.25元至7.5元間,商業停車則上漲至每小時5元至8元間。

華 埠老牌酒吧溫娜酒廊(Winnies Bar)在歇業三年多後,近日重新開張,為華埠民眾提供小聚休閒場所;老闆顧青鋒表示,華埠正被高價和中產階級化的氣息籠罩,地租不斷上漲,重返華埠的溫 娜酒廊規模雖不如從前,但希望能為當地華人商家帶來鼓勵,「一個時代的文化印記,應被銘記。」

Now open at 58 East Broadway, between Market and Catherine streets — five blocks from the original — the new Winnie’s shares much of the same DNA as the original, just in a new location. It’s from the same owners, mother Winnie Mui and her children Jaime and Teddy, and the basics are all there: karaoke, the famous punch, red booths, and some bar food.

Police said the man is about 30-years-old, 5-foot 10-inches tall with a full bear. In surveillance footage, the man is wearing a dark-colored backwards baseball cap, a black coat and sunglasses.

Small businesses facing eviction could qualify for free legal help under a proposal the City Council will review.

Manhattan Councilman Mark Levine plans to introduce a bill Wednesday that would provide help to struggling businesses, he told The Wall Street Journal . The bill would be modeled after the Right to Counsel bill, a city effort that provides legal aid to residential tenants facing eviction.

The bill would apply to independently owned and operated businesses as well as owners whose household income is below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.


An evening filled with storytelling by artists and by the community, headlined by both young and leading luminaries of Asian American writing and performance art. Muna Tseng, Alvin Eng, Karoline Kan, and Angel Yau will each present from their oeuvre varying from a reading, spoken word, video and music.


Sign up for a time slot where the MOCA Collections team will scan and digitize your most beloved photos, paper documents, and/or 2-D mementos 11" x 17" or smaller. Share your objects’ stories and walk away with a copy of your digitized items to show off as you wish!


We invite you, your loved ones, or anyone else, to MOCA and share a 40-minute conversation to tell your personal story or families history. Audio oral history recordings are yours to keep and we welcome all backgrounds to come share.

3/14/19 | 424 Broadway #602

Join Accathon Capital on March 14th for an unforgettable night of pitching, networking, food, and drinks. Watching 10 promising startups pitch their company to a panel of judges. The winner will secure a slot in our 'Innovation Journey To China' program in April and May.
Laura Pawel returns to The Theater of Chen Dance Center with the premiere of Cloudy with a chance of rain and other repertory works. Purchase Tickets


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